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Monday, 20 March 2017 14:34
Progressive Canadian candidate Dorian Baxter sees Toronto transit issues as fundamental to Markham-Thornhill

For Immediate Release: March 20, 2017
Markham-Thornhill, Ontario - Dorian Baxter, President of the Progressive Canadian Party and candidate in the Markham-Thornhill by-election, today repeated a core commitment his party has made to Torontonians, "It is time to act on infrastructure in Canada, particularly in Canada's largest city. It is past time for the National Government, which has jurisdiction over railways, to work effectively with the city to ensure cheaper, faster transit services for the city and for commuters wherever possible in Canada. With a billion dollars allocation being misspent in the Greater Toronto Area by the last federal government the potential for a better urban transit system in Toronto needs to be addressed … and needs to be addressed now because gridlock is growing relentlessly." Baxter said.
Former Mayor Ford turned down a less expensive, above ground, 7-stop LRT (Light Rail Transit) route in favour of a much more expensive and wasteful 3-stop subway that estimates say will cost at least 2.3 billion dollars. LRT is said to be hundreds of millions less costly. On top of this, it is common knowledge that the TTC, Metrolinx and GO have a terrible time integrating with each other making for a highly inefficient transit system.
According to Greg Gormick, who wrote the report "No Little Plan: Electrifying GO Transit" for a Toronto group, model systems like Germany's S-Bahn system have been around since 1924. Basically the S-Bahn system is an urban railway. "With the S-Bahn system," he states, "they converted key suburban lines into a network that vastly increased urban transportation options and benefits."
"Think of this system as a surface subway." Mr. Baxter said. "It has been applied in fourteen other German regions, and in cities throughout Europe and out as far as Hong Kong and Sydney, Australia … and soon Denver and San Francisco.
"Toronto possesses the rail corridors, many owned by GO. Utilizing these corridors would create an urban railway cheaper and faster than it is possible with subways. It would mesh wonderfully with any new TTC lines that may get built, making direct connections with these and existing subway, streetcar and bus routes. Furthermore, its construction won't snarl up great swaths of the city because the rail corridors are independent of the street grid."
Mr. Baxter concludes, "The creation of a well-integrated, efficient, and electrified rail transit system is an idea whose time has come. Delay will only increase Toronto's  gridlock."
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