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Tuesday, 21 July 2009 09:12


“All politics is local” is a truism.

Following are seven positive directions National Council presented at the ELECTION READINESS CONFERENCE held on January 10th, 2009.

Please take time to inform us the order of importance in which you believe they would be best received by the voters in your constituency.

Hamilton is used as the example in MEETING DIFFERING NEEDS. Send us your thoughts on how best government can be of assistance in your community.

Sinclair Stevens
Leader, PC Party


The Progressive Canadian Party has seven visions for Canada. It is part of our Prosperity Canada Programme.

It is our individual duty as progressive-conservatives, as members and supporters of the P.C.Party to communicate to our fellow citizens what we stand for and why their vote is so vital for the future.


We believe knowledge in the modern world is paramount.

Free education should be extended to Canadians to allow them to complete their education at the university, college or trade school level.

Why should we assume after grade 12 our citizens should pay to be educated? Subject to maintaining satisfactory grades each Canadian should be entitled as a right to 16 years of free education not 12.

2) hot sexy milf free porn REALIZING GROWTH OPPORTUNITIES

In the world of to-day Canada must identify our growth opportunities throughout the Commonwealth of Nations.

While our main trading partner, the U.S.A. has overconsumed the bulk of the nations in the Commonwealth are underdeveloped.

We have an opportunity to extend our trading, investment and services to our cousins in these lands who want to increase their prosperity.


There is a growing awareness that the worlds present energy resources are finite.

This is the opportune time to fiscally forge what is needed dating direct click here in the form of renewable energy infrastructures.

With the second largest land mass in the world Canada can and should become a leading producer, exporter and consumer of wind, solar, thermal and tidal renewable energy.


A strong united Canada is fundamental but within our country there are diverse communities that require differing approaches to realize their economic potentials.

One example is Hamilton, an urban community which has had heavy industry as its base. The city is in transition. We believe its future could include restructuring of their industry . . . of their factories . . . into the production of renewable energy infrastructure products which are in short supply throughout the world.


Canada spanning east and asian porn stars site west and north gives us the opportunity to revitalize Atlantic Canada so that in world trade it can become the hub for Eastern North America including the U.S.A.'s Atlantic coast areas..

Likewise on the Pacific Coast British Columbia can become a gateway for Asian world trade into North America.

Hudson's Bay and our Arctic areas are begging to serve the world with the export of more oil, natural gas and diamonds. Working with our Arctic citizens we can facilitate that.


Rather than attempting the impossible in Afghanistan, with over 100 of our soldiers dying there, we should reach out to our Commonwealth cousins - India and Pakistan and forge with them an alliance to bring peace and stability to that troubled region. An immediate benefit to Canada and the world would be the ending of their production of 93% of the world's supply of opium that results in Canadians dying in the hundreds every year from the use of that drug.


Canada has been a major contributor to relieving the plight of millions of the world's citizens who live in some of the poorest areas on earth. We have never contributed, however, to the full extent of our commitment to the world, namely .07% of our annual Gross Domestic Product per year.

It is possible through public and private co-operation to bring new hope to our fellow Commonwealth and Francophony citizens and in doing admirable hot teen porn blog so meet our promise.

There is a particular opportunity in this area to work with South Africa and other Commonwealth and Francophony nations to bring new hope to the citizens of their continent.

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The PC Party, the Progressive Canadian Party, exists as a registered national political party.

Our aim for it is to fill "the space on the political spectrum, where most Canadians are".

Presently there is a void to be filled, that of presenting Canadians positive directions offering them and theirs a better future.

"Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity."

Should you have any questions please contact me,

Joe Hueglin
National Director

Click here to become a member of the PC Party.

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Last Updated on Tuesday, 21 July 2009 09:16
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